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Our Vision

All students have access to quality education and the resources needed to succeed.

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Our Story

Our story begins with our founder, Adrian Acosta. After teaching Special Education at Gompers M.S. for five years, Acosta left the classroom to learn from the community. He wanted to address the many barriers his students faced just to arrive at school ready to learn. Since 2010, Acosta has worked with the community of Watts in various capacities. From organizing residents, planning events and collaborating with various programs, he has learned from the community and identified barriers to education that are not being addressed. It was during his community work when he became aware of the disconnect between schools and the community. After a lot of learning, he was determined to create an organization that increased access for children who face many barriers outside of school. The Ed Agency emerged from a dream to reimagine education.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, The Ed Agency focused on collaboration with other organizations to support community wellness. The trauma that came with the pandemic emphasized the importance of mental health for students. During 2020, The Ed Agency launched our “Ed Agent” program to begin working with students and their families directly. The Ed Agents began working with students to ensure their Health, Happiness and Education. As a sign of new light, TEdA was born.

“I saw a need to create an institution that puts children above profit, and redefines success and education in the process.” -Acosta

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From the Source

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Darrell (Acosta's former student and inspiration for TEdA)

An Ed Agent is someone who helps your path thru education and success a little easier.

The Team

Adrian Acosta

Founder/Executive Director

Quinn Moore

Art Design

Darrell Scott

Social Media Manager

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